Visual Arts

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This course is designed to extend students art making and responding by developing and honing practical and analysis skills, through the creation and study of artworks. Works will be created in a variety of media using both traditional and contemporary approaches. Students learn to use and apply visual art language and artistic conventions in their design and production process. They create 2D and/or 3D artwork with awareness of various themes, through exposure to a variety of techniques

  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found at HERE
  • This course runs for one semester, two lessons per week.
  • The cost of this course is $30.

I have always enjoyed drawing and a variety of artistic activities, so I knew year 8 Visual Arts would be a great way to extend these skills. Year 8 Visual Arts advanced my skills and knowledge about art in a way that was extremely beneficial, I loved it. Last year was my first time painting on a canvas, and thanks to that experience, painting is now an art medium that I love to use and continue to work in. The Year 8 course taught me a lot about the codes and conventions of art and I now use that understanding in Year 9 Visual Arts. I definitely suggest that you choose Year 8 Visual Arts, it’s an awesome experience!

Juliette Trestrail (current Year 9 student)

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