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Designing with Textiles

In this year long course students will have the opportunity to make a selection of items demonstrating self-expression. They will learn basic design techniques with a focus on sustainability, use a variety of today’s fabrics and equipment, investigate historical and cultural trends in fabrics and fashion all whilst developing their creative design ideas.

Practical activities include:

  • Practical Storage Sack
  • Woven Cushion Cover
  • Designer Beach Bag
  • A Rock ‘n Roll skirt for the Social!
  • Teddy Bear
  • Undertaken for two periods per week
  • Course Fee: $51 plus additional fabric for garments

Year 9 Textiles is a challenging yet rewarding subject that tests your abilities in an encouraging environment. The highlight of Year 9 Textiles was making the teddy bear and beach bag. Textiles was the highlight of my every week and I strongly recommend this subject as it is a fun and entertaining subject that all students can enjoy.

Tanisha Brouwer

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