Outdoor Education

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The Outdoor Education course aims to develop an understanding of our relationship with the environment, others and ourselves. Students participate in a range of outdoor activities and develop knowledge and skills to participate and effectively in different situations.

The practical component exposes students to risk, which encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and challenges students to grow as an individual. Students learn coping strategies to develop their resilience.

Practical Components; Team Building and Leadership, Rock Climbing, Bronze Medallion, Bike Riding and Snorkelling.

The frequency of this subject is TWO periods per week.

  • To cover the cost of the specialist instructors and the use of outside venues for the physical activities a fee is charged for this elective.
  • The Bronze Medallion programme information can be found HERE.

This is a newly introduced course for 2021.

Completing this course will enable students to determine if they are interested in selecting General Physical Education course in Year 11.

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