Physical Education Studies

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The Lower School Physical Education Studies Course is designed as an extension of the General Physical Education programme focusing on enhancing lifelong enjoyment and involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle. The course involves both theory and practical components.

The practical component focuses on broadening and developing students’ fundamental movement skills, knowledge and attitudes in a variety of physical activities, including individual, team and aquatic activities. It is intended that the programme will also enable students to make responsible decisions about physical activity and safety in relation to their own and others’ health and wellbeing.

Practical components include; AFL, Badminton, Basketball, Canoeing, Cricket & Touch Football.

The theory component explores the functional anatomy of the human body and develops student’s knowledge of the cardio-respiratory system in relation to physical activity.

To cover the cost of the specialist instructors and the use of outside venues for the physical activities a fee is charged for this elective.

Year 9 PE Studies had me look at the heart and lungs, relating to physical activity and training.  This helped to prepare me for an ATAR option in my upper school years.  Canoeing provided a great opportunity to create both bonds and memories with my class and my teachers that I will always remember.

Emily Short

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