Physical Education Studies

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The Physical Education Studies Course is designed as an extension of the General Physical Education programme to provide students both practical and theoretical experiences to broaden their knowledge and skills in a sporting context. The practical component focuses on developing a repertoire of movement and tactical skills in team and individual sports with the aim of developing an appreciation of sport as a lifelong activity to be played on a competitive or recreational basis. It is intended that the programme will provide opportunities for students to enhance and refine their own physical skills in order to perform to their potential. The theory component examines the role a coach, focusing on the elements and processes of coaching sports. Practical Components include; Beach Volleyball, Triathlon, Basketball, Coaching and Motor Learning, Speedminton.

The frequency of this subject is TWO periods per week.

Physical Education Studies Program Overview 2022 – Year 10 




Motor Learning Coaching & Umpiring  Through completion of coaching and umpiring courses, students upskill their coaching and umpring skills and develop confidence in preparation for coaching opportunities at Mercedes College. Students write and deliver coaching programs in sports that will appear in SASJ and lightning carnivals and ACC events.   25% – Theory and Practical Assessment  
Beach/Indoor Volleyball  Students develop their skills and knowledge of volleyball. With a key focus on developing confidence and skills in indoor and beach volleyball, students will consolidate their understanding in preparation for ATAR practical studies.  25% – Skills Assessment  
Striking  Students learn and participate in a variety of striking sports that could include mini tennis, tennis, table tennis, badminton, pickleball and more. Students refine their technique and apply biomechanical principles covered in theory class.  10% – Skills Assessment  
Biomechanics  Students will learn about basic biomechanical principles and use video analysis to view and analyse their movement in two of the striking sports learnt in the practical unit.  15% – Theory Assessment  


Aquatics   Students develop basics skills in an offsite aquatics unit that could consist of rowing, canoeing or sailing.   25% Skills Assessment  

This year, PE studies was the subject I most enjoyed and looked forward to. I had so much fun participating in different sports such as basketball and touch rugby which also helped me gain a deeper understanding of each sport. This class prepared us really well in the theory component for the upper school courses. If you love sport and want to gain further knowledge in the area, I highly recommend this subject for you.

Shannon Wade

Completing this course will enable students to determine if they are interested in selecting ATAR Physical Education Studies, General Physical Education or Certificate II Sport Coaching in Year 11.

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