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This course is suitable for those students who are presently learning an instrument and intend to continue their musical studies. Students have the opportunity to perform in choirs and other College music ensembles. All students learning an instrument who wish to further their musical experience and knowledge are encouraged to choose Music as an option.

This course is designed to develop student understanding in the areas of

  •  Aural skills
  •  Music theory and composition
  •  Music history and analysis
  •  Performance
  •  Music technology such as Sibelius

Students will explore music in the twentieth century, with particular emphasis on song writing, composition, jazz and the blues.

This course is designed to complement the instrumental music program. However, students do not need to take music as an elective if they wish to study instrumental music.

  • Due to the practical nature of this course, students are expected to be engaged in weekly 30-minute music lessons and participate in an ensemble.
  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found at HERE

Studying Music in Year 9 helps to broaden your understanding of reading music, it compliments your instrumental studies and helps you build your confidence in performance. I hope to follow music through to an ATAR level.

Emily Scanlan, current Year 9 student

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