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Year 8 Media is semester based, providing students with opportunities to view media work within the context of photography, narrative and advertising. Students build on media concepts from previous years, and develop their understanding of intended audience, purpose and context in their productions and in their response to their own and others’ media work. Students begin to solve problems, work as a team, follow timelines and use processes and strategies to ensure safe and responsible use of media equipment. This course is largely production based and is very hands on, allowing opportunities to develop filming and editing skills, which is beneficial for media in the following years.

  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found at HERE
  • There is a cost associated with this course of $48.

Media has been a really enjoyable subject and has taught me lots of skills that I’ll be able to use in my future life, in and out of school. It has taught me camera skills, codes and conventions, how to analyse trailers, how to film and edit episodes of a tv show and also how to work together as a team. I would highly recommend this subject if you enjoy hands on tasks and want to learn more about how media work is created.

Ava Gordon (current Year 9 student)

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