Media Extension

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The Media Extension course is delivered over four periods a week. This course focuses on two key productions for the year, allowing a greater period of time for the productions to be complete. The productions include a short film and a photography-based task. Having a longer period of time allows greater attention to detail and for new skills to be developed, including using new technology. Analysis is introduced into this course in an in-depth way, which includes viewing and responding to various media texts. These skills lead well onto the ATAR Media Production and Analysis course.

The frequency of this subject is FOUR periods per week.

  • There is a cost associated with this subject of $102.
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The Year 10 Media Extension course has been one of the most rewarding subjects offered to me at Mercedes College, due to the wide range of topics studied and the skills gained throughout the year. Some of the many highlights for me included; making my own blog full of photos I had taken, analysing powerful films and creating my own short film. This course was not only informative but It was enjoyable; two reasons why I have continued Media as an ATAR course.

Gabby Miocevich (current year 11 student)

This course can lead students onto both the ATAR Media Production and Analysis course, and the General Media Production and Analysis course in year 11. The level of analysis in this course feeds particularly well onto the ATAR course.

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