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The Year 9 Media course is a development of the skills students have started to develop. New technologies are introduced, and different production contexts are studied, such as soap opera, film trailers and reality television. The course is largely production based and allows the development of skills across storyboarding, scriptwriting, cinematography and editing. They consider the impact context and audience have on media work and explore the impact of trends on how audiences use media. Students extend and refine their skills and processes for problem-solving, working as a team, following timelines and using processes and strategies to ensure safe and responsible use of media equipment.

  • Cost – $96
  • Syllabus location can be found HERE

Year 9 Media was a fun and engaging course which developed our production and teamwork skills. We were able to build on our knowledge of codes and conventions, editing and narrative. This has led me to studying media in year 10 and I plan to continue in upper school.

Lily Boisvert (current year 10 student)

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