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This course is designed for students learning Italian as a second language

 Semester 1 – Festeggiamo! Let’s celebrate!

Festa is a word that may mean party, a holiday or a festival. This semester focuses on the many celebrations which form part of the Italian way of life.

One task will be to organise the ideal festa – cibo, bevande, locale e invito (food, drink, location and invitation).

Students will also learn how to go shopping for these food and drinks in Italian of course!!


Semester 2 – Assaggiamo, cuciniamo e divertiamoci!

Let’s eat, cook, taste and enjoy ourselves!

Students will have the opportunity to listen to young people talking about food and drinks, their favourite weekend activities and their likes and dislikes. We will also look at Italian cooking and recipes.

One task will be to organise an outing to an Italian caffè which allows students to order

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