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This course is designed for students learning Italian as a second language.

Semester 1: In vacanza! Buon viaggio! – On holidays! Have a good trip!

II ferragosto is the time of the year when Italians take vacation seriously. This period of time compares well to our summer holidays – a time to relax, go on holiday, visit friends and go to the beach.

This semester focuses on le vacanze – holidays, and viaggiare in Italia e all’estero – travelling in Italy and abroad.

One task will be to travel to Italy on a virtual tour and create an iBook recounting their adventures.

Semester 2: Facciamo il turista in Italia! – Let’s be a tourist in Italy!

An opportunity to learn language that will equip you for successful travel around Italy. Language specific to asking for directions and conversing at the hotel or at the train station will be explored.

One task will be to create a puppet pal movie where you will ask for directions and buy tickets for train travel.

  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found at HERE

In Year 9, we enjoyed having excursions to Stuzzico as it made us have an insight to what speaking Italian would be like outside of class. We also enjoyed learning how to ask for directions in the Italian language and booking Italian train tickets online as it is beneficial practice for when we travel to Italy, hopefully, on Study Tour!  We also loved having the Italian Assistants from Italy as it made our learning in class more fun.

Hannah Reader, Chloe Pin and Ada Dwyer


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