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The Business Management and Enterprise General course focuses on establishing and operating a small business in Australia and aims to provide students with an understanding of the knowledge and skills of the processes and procedures required for generating business ideas and turning them into a viable business venture. Factors that impact on business innovation and success, business planning, and legal aspects of running a small business are examined. Students engage in the running of a small business, or participate in business simulations, to develop practical business skills and to develop financial and business literacy.

Through the consideration of real businesses and scenarios, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills that enable them to analyse business opportunities, develop proposals and make sound, ethical business decisions. The course equips students to participate proactively in the world of business, behave responsibly and demonstrate integrity in business activities.

Business Management and Enterprise is a practical course that develops a wide range of students’ transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and analytical skills that employers are looking for.

  • Competitions: Students may have the opportunity to enter Just Start IT, Plan Your Own Enterprise or a similar competition in which a business pitch or plan is presented.
  • Excursions: Students may have the opportunity to visit a local business and speak to the owner and/or manager about the running of the business.
  • Mini-enterprise: Students may be given the opportunity to run a mini-enterprise
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Year 12 Business Management and Enterprise General

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