Forensic Science

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The Forensic Science course introduces students to the techniques and tools used both in the field and laboratory. The course will focus on the collection of evidence, analysis of the crime scene, and laboratory techniques used to analyse the collected evidence. Students will learn about:

  • Scientific techniques to analyse fingerprints, classify fingerprints and lift fingerprints from surfaces
  • Making impressions and casts of footprints
  • Autopsy procedures
  • Analysis of hair and fibre samples
  • Analysis of ink and handwriting samples
  • Identifying blood types and analyse blood spatter patterns
  • Blood splatter patterns
  • DNA analysis
  • Entomology

The course will also involve a mock crime scene for long term investigations throughout the year. Students who enjoy a challenge in their science will find this course very interesting.

The frequency of this subject is TWO periods per week.

Future career opportunities in forensics, include:

  • chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • DNA-based forensic science
  • entomology
  • government organisations including the police force
  • human anatomy
  • insurance investigation
  • research science
  • toxicology

Forensic Science is an immersive subject, that is group focused. It involves a lot of hands-on practical elements, such as experiments based off crime scenes and is an exciting, unique course. Ella Moll

Suitable for students who may wish to enrol in Chemistry, Biology or Physics.

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