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This is a year long course covering two themes, one per semester.

Food to Share

Preparing food to share with others is fun and rewarding. Students learn the courses of the formal menu and examine the factors that impact on menu planning. They have the opportunity to participate in a range of practical activities to develop their food preparation skills while preparing and presenting food for others.

Australian Foods: Past, present & future

Students examine the history of food in Australia; from the time of the Aborigines, early settlements and multicultural influences.

They develop and prepare food that satisfies Australians’ food preferences, whilst ensuring it is correctly labelled, suitably packaged and sustainable. Practical activities will focus on meeting the food needs of consumers today without compromising the food needs of those in the future.

  • Undertaken for two periods per week
  • Course Fee: $129 to cover the cost of food and other consumables

An all-round class favourite last year was the Christmas cake project where we were given complete freedom to bake and decorate our own Christmas cakes. I really recommend the food and nutrition elective to anyone looking for the opportunity to cook healthy, delicious and fun meals.

Grace Carbone

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