Drama Extension

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Through small-scale drama performance projects, students develop their voice and movement skills, interacting in and with the performance space using technologies such as sets, lighting and sound. The design section of their studies will parallel the school’s musical in terms of content, activities and assessment. They will learn about non-acting roles, the Director’s Vision, set design and makeup design and the process of putting on a full-scale production.

Students participate in a public performance for an audience other than their class members. They extend their skills in improvisation and script analysis and create works through a focus on characterisation, use of dialogue and creating drama narratives with dramatic tension.

Assessment: Students are assessed in the following areas:


  • Improvising and devising original drama, interpreting drama texts, rehearsing, designing sets and makeup for the school musical production.
  • Demonstrating the development of confidence and competence in the use of drama skills, techniques, processes and technologies in a range of performance contexts. Managing a range of production processes, evaluating and modifying them as necessary.


  • Analysis and evaluation of own, others or professional drama works.

The frequency of this subject is FOUR periods per week.

  • There is a cost associated with this subject of $45.
  • To view the relevant syllabus please click HERE.

I love Year 10 Extension Drama because not only do you get to go more into depth with different acting techniques but we get to learn about makeup and design. I love getting to learn about behind the scenes as well as onstage performances. Drama is the highlight of my day!

Charlotte Kiely, current Year 10 Drama Extension student

This elective is highly recommended for students wishing to pursue ATAR Drama. The tasks and coursework follow the format of Year 11 ATAR Drama and students have an opportunity to see if the upper school Drama style of teaching and learning suits them before they make subject choices for Year 11. Girls who have not studied Drama in Year 9 and who feel they will succeed in Drama are welcome to join this course in Year 10.

This elective complements text analysis in Year 10 English and students can see cross-curricular learning in Drama, Social Sciences, Religious Education, other Arts subjects and English.

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