Digital Technologies

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Year 8 Digital Technologies focuses on further developing understanding and skills in computational thinking, such as breaking down problems, and engaging students with a wider range of information systems. Students investigate what a computer system is made up of, how a computer network works and how digital data is transmitted. They acquire, analyse, visualise and evaluate various types of data, and the complexities of storing and transmitting that data in digital systems. They further develop an understanding of the vital role that digital data plays in their lives.

Students will also develop skills in designing algorithms that allow data to be manipulated in the creation of software. Students will create a mobile app through the principles of coding.

They will consider ways of managing the exchange of ideas, tasks and files, and techniques for monitoring progress and feedback.

  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found at HERE

This course helped me build my technology skills, grow in creativity, find new solutions to existing problems and be innovative

Gabriella Cilfone (current Year 8 student)

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