AI Graphics & Computer Animation

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Year 10 AI Graphics & Computer Animation focuses on developing an understanding of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence in computer graphics and computer animation techniques. Students will apply analytical, critical and creative skills to solve digital solutions. Some of the projects may include designing advertising for a commercial product/service and character animation. Students will study the legal, ethical and social considerations which are interconnected in the development of digital solutions. This includes acknowledgement of intellectual property and, the intent and purpose of the copyright act. This course will provide students with a proficiency in the appropriate use of contemporary technologies. Students will use industry software, namely the Adobe suite. By successfully completing this course, students will develop a stronger understanding of digital technologies and be committed to continuously learning in an effort to maintain intellectual curiosity throughout life.

The frequency of this subject is TWO periods per week.

New Course in 2024

The course is an awesome experience! I’ve looked forward to every class. The assessments are super fun and creative. The skills I’ve learnt in the course will definitely be useful in the future. I’ve acquired many new IT skills. Our society revolves around technology and this course is great for learning about the IT world and what it holds for our future. Marissa Mezzatesta

Suitable for students who may wish to enrol in General or ATAR Applied Information Technology.

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