Crime Investigation Studies

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This course focuses on the role of criminal law in Western Australia and in the popular culture enjoyed by Western Australians. Students will learn about:

  • the role and source of criminal law
  • the elements of a crime
  • the enforcement of criminal law
  • the Criminal Code of Western Australia
  • the impact of the media on criminal enforcement and trials (this may include current event high profile trials, Australian shows such as ‘Border Security’ and ‘The Force’ and international shows like NCIS and Judge Judy)
  • the role of forensic science in criminal cases
  • comparing crime across societies and time periods.

The course will make use of current events and technology to enhance the learning of students.

The frequency of this subject is TWO periods per week.

  • As part of the course students will visit the Francis Burt Law Education Centre and the Courts to examine the sentencing of criminals.
  • Students may also have the opportunity to attend the annual “Law Society of Western Australia Hypothetical”.
  • Involvement in this class is not a prerequisite for involvement in the Mercedes College Mock Law Trial Competition program but enhances student’s understanding of the crime aspects of the program.

Participating in MCIS was an amazing and fascinating experience that assisted me in choosing to pursue Law. I enjoyed learning about the various aspects of criminal law. The class also allowed me to apply creativity along with the knowledge I learnt in class, which enhanced the experience beyond a normal subject.

Holly Brown

In the Crime Investigation Studies course students will develop understandings and skills which link in with sections of the ATAR Year 11 and 12 Politics and Law Courses.

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