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This Course is designed for students learning Chinese as a second language

Students develop cultural awareness and communication skills involving reading, writing, and especially, listening and speaking. The emphasis is on teaching the sounds and tonal system of the language, comprehension and production of frequently used language, including time, weather, greetings, basic objects, family, clothing, entertainment, community, ordering in restaurants, and basic grammar forms, pronouns, and commands.

Students practice extensively in oral communication using the learned vocabulary. A small percentage of the course time will be used to develop reading and writing skills in the language. They learn 250 high frequency Chinese characters for reading and writing purposes. Classroom activities are related to the real world and include developing awareness of acceptable behaviour in the Chinese culture.

Students will continue learning about Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival to enhance their understanding about Chinese culture. They will explore some of the traditional activities that people love in China, such as Martial Arts, Table Tennis as well as writing calligraphy.


Topics studied as part of this unit include:

 Semester 1

(Let’s speak Chinese 咱们说汉语)

Dates and Days of the Week


Hobbies and Sports



Semester 2

(My Life 我的生活)

Chinese Food

Birthday celebration

Daily routine and time

Description of House


  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found at HERE

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