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60% Mainstream English

Students require practical skills at a minimum level equivalent to AMEB Grade 5

It is expected that students will be engaged in at least a 1-hour weekly instrument lesson in Year 11/12

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The Music ATAR course encourages students to explore a range of musical experiences, developing their musical skills, understanding, creative and expressive potential, through the European tradition of Western Art Music and its development over time.

The course consists of a written component incorporating Aural and Theory, Composition and Arrangement, Cultural and Historical Analysis, and a practical component. Students can choose to perform on an instrument or voice in a choice of four contexts: Western Art Music, Jazz, Musical Theatre (vocalists only) or Contemporary Music.

Students listen, compose, perform and analyse music, developing skills to confidently engage with a diverse array of musical experiences, both independently and collaboratively. The Music course is designed to encourage students to participate in musical activity as both a recreational and a vocational choice.  Studying music may also provide a pathway for further training and employment in a range of professions within the music industry.

  • Past achievements: Each year students have been accepted into Music degrees through UWA Conservatorium of Music and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts to further their music study
  • Cost: Students must undertake weekly, 1 hour instrumental/voice lessons in Year 11 and 12. Cost through Mercedes College is approximately $2316 for 32 lessons. Piano accompaniment is required for examinations, (2 x per year) at a cost of approximately $90 per rehearsal and $90 per exam. Fees differ depending on the accompanist.
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Music was a subject that I was good at. The Mercedes program fostered my passion for music and it was something that I really enjoyed. Music became the highlight of my day as each person had the same passion to learn and desire to explore their own musical talents.

Grace Kay, Class of 2018

ATAR music encouraged me to explore the world of music and prepared me for future study in music at WAAPA. The classes are smaller and allow for more one on one assistance when required. It creates a really caring environment where everyone feels comfortable to share their ideas.

Laura Saxon, Class of 2018

Year 12 Music ATAR

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