Human Biology ATAR

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Required: Minimum C grade in Year 10 Advanced Science or B in General Science

Recommended: Minimum C grade in Year 10 Advanced Science or A in General Science

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Human Biological Science covers a wide range of ideas relating to the functioning human. Students learn about themselves, relating structure to function and how integrated regulation allows individuals to survive in a changing environment. Students will explore the major ideas related to scientific method, reproduction, body systems, inheritance, homeostasis, immunity, genetics and hominid evolution.

As a science, the subject matter of this course is founded on knowledge and understanding that has been gained through systematic inquiry and scientific research. However, this knowledge is far from complete and is being modified and expanded as new discoveries and advancements are made. Students develop their understanding of the cumulative and evolving nature of scientific knowledge and the ways in which such knowledge is obtained through scientific investigations. They learn to think critically, to evaluate evidence, to solve problems and to communicate understandings in scientific ways.

An understanding of Human Biology is valuable for a variety of career paths including education, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition science, food and hospitality, childcare, sport and social work.

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Studying Human Biology gives you the skills and knowledge to discover how the human body works and why the body acts in a certain way. In Year 11, there is a strong focus on the body systems; this lays an important foundation for the Year 12 course. I really enjoy studying Human Biology and highly encourage girls with a passion for health and science to consider choosing Human Biology for Year 11 and 12.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Year 12 Human Biology ATAR

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