Chemistry ATAR

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Required: Minimum C grade in Year 10 Advanced Science or A in General Science with excellent results in all Chemistry assessments

Recommended: Minimum B grade in Year 10 Advanced Science. Similar results in Year 10 Extended Mathematics course

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Chemistry is the study of materials and substances and the transformations they undergo through interactions and the transfer of energy. Chemists address the global challenges of climate change and security of water, food and energy supplies, and designing processes to maximise the efficient use of Earth’s finite resources. Students will explore the major ideas related to scientific method, structure of atoms, rates of chemical reactions, intermolecular forces, chemical equilibrium systems, acids and bases, organic chemistry and redox reactions.

Careers relying on an understanding of chemistry, include forensic science, environmental science, engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, science education and sports science. Additionally, chemistry is valuable in occupations that rely on an understanding of materials and their interactions, such as art, winemaking, agriculture and food technology.

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ATAR Chemistry focuses on understanding the world around us. Using everything from stoichiometric calculations to the understanding of bonding types, this ATAR course equips students to tackle a variety of issues facing the world today and prepare for a wide range of university courses. Students ultimately learn how to maintain a Green world.

Year 12 student Ruvimbo Tambiri

Year 12 Chemistry ATAR

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