Commerce (Business & Accounting)

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The key objective of this subject is to introduce students to a range of financial, legal and business skills which will lay the foundation for their successful participation in financial awareness as young adults. It introduces students to aspects of ATAR Accounting & Finance and General Business Management and Enterprise in Years 11 & 12. It allows students to gain an initial awareness of these subject areas. Students are given the opportunity to use their skills to make a profit through the successful operation of a small business within the College for a two-week period in Term 4. The business ideas are endless and have included jewellery, scarves, lip gloss, beauty products, cupcakes & slices, doggy fashion, cards and pencil cases. In previous years, a profit of almost $250 was made from the small business. The students were able to use this profit to contribute to the College’s Advent Christmas Basket Appeal. It is hoped that students will find this subject both fun and challenging. The course integrates the use of computers in key areas of reporting, analysing and researching information. Students will also develop skills in the use of spreadsheets as a financial tool and make use of the internet in researching information and implementing decisions. The topics covered will be:- Introduction to Business How to make a profit Keeping your finances in check Taking care of Business

The frequency of this subject is TWO periods per week.

In Year 10 Commerce we have been able to look at the process of running a business and will be given this opportunity of actually operating a small business at end of the year. We have worked through the basics of using Excel, which is used in other subject areas and in business. The subject has helped us with learning the financial life skills necessary of looking after our own money. Magdalena Bies and Elena Pensini-Munro – Yr10 Commerce Students

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